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"I started working out with Rob six months ago and it's definitely been better than personal trainers at traditional gyms. Rob helps me keep my goals, gives me nutritional advice, and the training sessions are fun and I can really see the results. The facility is clean, equipment is up to date, and I never have to wait to use a piece of equipment."

— Leonardo, Manhattan


"Working out at Absolute Fitness and embracing 'the common sense rule' I can practically participate in any activity I desire and not worry about being able to keep up or getting injured."

— Adrienne Tolsh, Manhattan


"I have tried one hour workouts with a couple of trainers with minimal results. Having committed to the Absolute Fitness 'no-nonsense' approach, I have not only changed my body but my sense of well being."

— George Gilmartin, Manhattan


"After Absolute Fitness I tried trainers at Equinox and even L.A. Sports Club. There is no comparison! Absolute provided better and more consistent attention to my training needs and I achieved better that were easier to maintain especially with my busy schedule. I am back training with Rob and Jana for good!!!"

— Steve Gerber, Manhattan


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