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1. No overtraining, since the goal of each session is to maximize the amount of total sets and intensity. A standard weight is applied on all exercises.

2. More athletically beneficial. Minimal rest between sets balanced with resistance training develops better performance in athletic and recreational activities than the conventional one or two body part training.

3. Never boring or monotonous. Even in its most simple form, the 30 minute workout does not give anyone time to get distracted or lose mental focus. Also time practical.

4. Consistent progress. It is a common myth that anything less than 110% effort is not progressive or productive. This is only true for the conventional training approach. Anyone can get an effective workout everytime because of the flexibility of the 30 minute routine even if their energy level is not 110%. Flexibility factors in this workout that may be adjusted are slow or fast reps, low or high reps, weak vs. strong muscle, favorite exercises, etc. thus the body will never have a chance to adapt!

5. Our methods are progressive. We do not categorize our approach to only one idea, instead we embrace all the available and possible movements that would best suit the client’s needs and goals. Significantly, we avoid fad exercises and diets.

6. Tremendous overall wellness benefits because of our extensive screening from the first visit, limit per exercise time (no overuse), emphasis on control of movements and total body awareness, supervision of meal frequency and sleep (lifestyle/nutrition), monitoring stress/tension spots, prevention of the “do or die” approach, common sense training rule, distinguishing good pain from bad, no heavy lifting.

In conclusion, the 30 minutes is not only effective but better than the conventional one hour routine in so many ways. Base on this fact, the Absolute Fitness staff takes pride in stating that we have one of the highest client return rates in New York City!


  • time and schedule practical
  • practical and inexpensive rates/packages avaliable
  • no membership fees/no contracts
  • consistent quality service and supervision
  • no waiting for equipment
  • experience and certified trainers that practice what they preach
  • complimentary cardiovascular equipment before or after the workout.
  • fully equipped gym floor over 1000 sq feet of space
  • friendly yet professionally manage work out environment
  • consistent and steadfast discipline on exercise goals and issues

Remember, the first session is free. No commitments or contracts. We want you to want us.


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